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In 2016, led by Nicole and Staci Slattery, a group of dedicated parents created b.o.s.h. to expand the traditional St Helen’s Walkathon and maximize sponsorship and donations . As a 501C3 nonprofit, b.o.s.h. leaders felt they could target improvements that would make immediate and meaningful impact at the school.  The Walkathon turned into the StemStep 5K run which has been a big success.

b.o.s.h. (Benefactors of St. Helen) has a mission to support S.T.E.M.

and fitness programs within our school and community.


Over the past four years, we have raised over $250,000. These much-needed funds have gone toward new computers, classroom improvements, and teacher incentives. But we are just getting started. Our goals for the future include more ways to promote childhood S.T.E.M. education while enhancing our local community with fun events. 

100% of our fundraising efforts benefit St. Helen School and our local community

with focus on S.T.E.M. and athletic programing.

b.o.s.h.  is an Illinois non-profit organization. We have Federal charitable 501c3 status so your donation is tax deductible.

Meet The Board

Meet our dedicated group of hard-working and results-driven members.

staci 2nd headshot (3).jpg

Staci Slattery

Founder - President


Maria Sepsis

 Vice President


Megan Sutkus



Jenn Barron

 Board Member


Mike Kozlowski

Board Member


Chris O'Neil

Board Member


Dan Ray

Board Member


Jennifer Yu

Board Member


Craig Castelli


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