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Together we can give...

The heart and soul of  St. Helen School can be found within the thoughtful teachers and staff who work tirelessly to engage, inspire, and challenge our students. We are asking for your help.

B.O.S.H. is once again taking on the Holiday staff bonuses. In the last few years, we  have continuously seen that our amazing teachers and staff are more important than ever to our children and families.

In order to provide these important bonuses, B.O.S.H has undertaken the responsibility of raising $20,000. All monies raised goes directly toward their bonuses and distributed evenly among the teachers, aides and staff to honor their hard work at the school.

They are the foundation of our school. They work tirelessly to engage, inspire, and challenge our students, while also giving them care and support. We would like to continue to support our staff as a whole.

Your support is critical and will provide a token of gratitude to our hard-working St. Helen's staff family!

With love and gratitude... Thank you!

– The  BOSH  Team

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